Friday, January 3, 2014

High Five for.... every day when you're on Christmas Break!

It's been a while since I've linked up with Lauren for "High Five for Friday."  Being off work for two weeks (which has been heavenly, in case you were wondering) has made me lose track of what day it is- so every day feels like Friday! : )

Here are five things from the week that added to the awesomeness of vacation:


Putting two of my favorite Christmas presents to good use.  Thanks, mom & dad and sweet Heather! One of my favorite parts of this break has been spending quiet mornings with coffee and a good book. 


Gorgeous weather + new running shoes in my favorite colors were finally enough motivation for me to get out and exercise for the first time in, oh, months.  


Jack Ingram concert at the Kessler Theater with Jon on New Year's Eve. A great way to start 2014!


Pink champagne and good conversation with Heather in her cute new apartment.  This girl always inspires and encourages me. 


Took a cue from Jager while my car was being repaired all day and spent a lazy afternoon at my parents' house.  It's tough being a dog. ; )

Hope 2014 has started off wonderfully for you and yours!