Monday, February 23, 2015

San Fran with My Man

Jon and I traveled to San Francisco, California, last weekend to celebrate his aunt's life. 
Even though I never had the opportunity to meet Aunt Phyllis, hearing anecdotes from her family about her sense of humor, passions for cooking, gardening, and reading, and always providing a "safe haven" in her home for her daughters' many friends gave me a great understanding of the special lady she was, and I'm grateful to have been there. 

Her family put together such a sweet tribute and the whole day was very meaningful. It was great to spend time with Jon's extended family that I had heard so much about, too, and I hope I get to see them again very soon.

Aunt Phyllis' husband and daughters brought many of her favorite books to her memorial and encouraged everyone to choose a book to take with them. Having a love for books myself, I chose a mystery to begin reading on the plane ride home- such a unique way for her memory to live on.  

We made the most of our free time in San Fran, working our way from Sausalito all the way down to Carmel! San Francisco is very crowded and there was so.much.traffic everywhere we went, but the weather was perfect and I loved sightseeing and exploring a new city with my man.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is now checked off my bucket list, and we enjoyed a delicious and romantic Valentine's Day sushi dinner in Sausalito. 

Everyone else took advantage of the gorgeous weather the day we drove to Monterey and explored the aquarium... children everywhere! But we loved the sea otters and sea lions. : )

We had forgotten about the Pebble Beach golf tournament and 17 Mile Drive was closed to tourist traffic, but fortunately Jon is good with navigation and managed to get us to a beach in Carmel anyway. 

Driving along the coast with the sun shining over the beach, windows down with cool sea breeze and the sound of waves crashing holding hands with my favorite person... perfection.

You already know the beach is my happy place, and Carmel's views did not disappoint. I'd like to go back already. 

They aren't kidding about the hills in San Francisco, and Jon and I found ourselves giggling as we drove up steep grade hills near downtown, not really being able to see if there was more road in front of us- very different than being in flat Texas in his truck!

At lunch on our last day, Jon ordered queso, and when they brought this out, Jon had no idea what it was.  I couldn't stop laughing and finally explained to him that this was the California version of queso, or "fundido," to which he said, "I'm ready to go home now."

So, back to the land of "real" queso and frozen margaritas we went. There really is no place like home. Though if someone can figure out how to bring a beach to Dallas, I'd love you forever... seriously.