Thursday, March 18, 2010

San Antonio with my BFF's

Instead of taking a big trip for my last spring break, my best friend Marissa and I took a weekend roadtrip to San Antonio to visit our other best friend, Briana. She is doing her architecture residency there this semester and we wanted to visit her and spend some time together in a fun Texas city.

Marissa and I left bright and early Saturday morning and made excellent time-- hardly any traffic at all. We arrived in San Antonio at lunchtime, and after checking out Bree's cute apartment, we headed to the Riverwalk.

We had lunch and margaritas at a place called Rita's on the Riverwalk to kick-off our weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it felt like spring time! There were tons of people dressed in green and totally ready for St. Patrick's Day, even though it was still 5 days away.

After lunch, we walked around the river for a bit and took some cheesy pictures in front of the Alamo. We've all toured it before, so we bypassed the line and walked around the grounds. The highlight of this time was definitely the girls we heard saying "But I don't think they had British accents at the Alamo!" hahaha.

At this point we had all reached a mid-afternoon slump, so we headed back to Bree's apartment for a long nap. Once we felt rested, we had a yummy dinner at Olive Garden and got ready to go downtown for Luminaria, an arts festival. Marissa and I were able to meet Bree's roommates and friends from work, and it was nice to go downtown. We got there towards the end of Luminaria, but it was still cool. They had live music, dancers, art, and lights on the buildings that you were suppposed to look at with special 3D glasses. Bree modeled them of course.

On Sunday we went over to Marissa's aunt and uncle's condo for lunch. We had King Ranch Chicken and it was delicious, and Marissa's family was sooo nice. She has the cutest little second cousin, Sophia. It was another gorgeous day, so we took some pictures by the fountain.

We took advantage of that gorgeous weather by laying outside at Bree's apartment pool. It was soo relaxing, and we followed it with a delicious dinner at La Madeleine and seeing Remember Me, which was sad but still pretty good. Bree had to go to work the next morning, so Maris and I packed up and headed out to Floresville, where more of her family lives. We had a nice lunch with them before heading back to Coppell. It took us a little longer, but it still wasn't a bad drive thanks to the toll road that we took around Austin. I'm so glad we were able to go, despite me having been sick so much lately.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I need a new immune system

I haven't posted much recently. I have been pretty busy with school and taking care of everything before spring break, and I can't seem to stay healthy! This past week I was feeling really worn out. I thought it was just from staying up too late, but when I got a really sore throat and headache I went to the doctor, thinking I had strep throat. Turns out I have an upper respiratory infection and mono. Mono?! That's what I was thinking. Where on earth did I get that? I think I got it from the little kids I work with, because my friend Sarah had mono recently and we both work with the same group of kids. That's just too much of a coincidence. Even though the little children get me sick, I still love them. But goodness, I need to improve my immune system! I've been sick more in the past year than I have for all the rest of college and high school combined. I need to take my vitamins again.

It's officially spring break now, and I hope a week off will help my health. I am taking a little road trip with one of my best friends to visit another. It should be fun, and I'll take it easy. Other than that, I plan to relax, get ahead on some assignments, and work on job applications. I'll post again soon about my trip, and maybe add some of the things I've been working on lately for my creative writing class.

For those of you going somewhere for spring break, be safe and have fun!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stomach Flu Weekend

This past weekend was supposed to be really, really good. It was going to be the perfect combination of productivity and playtime. I had a looong to-do list that I made on Thursday, and I planned to knock out a whole bunch of things over the weekend. I was looking forward to 2nd Degree with my sorority, dinner with my "family line," time with my boyfriend, and my Big's bachelorette party.

And then I came down with the stomach flu.

My ideal weekend immediately transformed into being stuck sick in bed, unable to keep even water in my stomach, and missing out on everything I had planned. I didn't leave my apartment for three days, and I'm pretty sure I was a little crazy by the time I finally left. It wasn't fun. But, this weekend taught me something. I had everything all planned out, and then I was blind-sided by circumstances beyond my control. Nothing that I wanted to happen happened, and something that I didn't want at all happened instead. Sure, I was unhappy, but there was nothing I could do about it, so I just fought through the unpleasant stomach flu, and realized I would have to be productive later and know that there will be plenty of other fun weekends to look forward to. This is how a lot of life will be. I can plan for everything and feel like I know exactly what I want to happen, and then something could come along and knock me down completely, no matter how prepared I think I am. Having always been the planning type who likes to have control over her own life and know what's going on, this is hard for me to grasp. But if there's one thing I learned while having the stomach flu this weekend, it's that life doesn't always go quite the way you plan, but you have to take whatever comes and make the best of the situation.

And even though I missed 2nd Degree, fortunately my roommates and "Pink" family line are really sweet and took pictures with "me"-- a picture of me on a pencil! I managed to scare the waiter by not even being there... probably because they gave me my own chair! : )

The whole Pink! family

My Little & Granddaughter

My Pink! family line.

Guard Girls

"Me" at dinner