Meet Julie

I've always been a communicator.

I was speaking in complete sentences long before I could tie my shoes, and total strangers were often subjected to my endless chatter about my pets, toys, and favorite movies. 

This love for words, both spoken and printed, followed me through my days as a journalist for my high school's newspaper and led me to study advertising and public relations at Texas Christian University.

Four years and lots of football games later, I emerged purple and proud (GO FROGS!) and started my dream job in Community Relations for a brain research center, where I still work four years later.

I'm a family girl who's just as okay with a cozy night in as a fun evening out.  I've been blessed with friendships old and new and love to introduce groups of friends to one another.

There's another "J" you'll see on this blog from time to time- my sweet, handsome boyfriend, Jon.  I'm sure thankful to have him in my life.

I love taking pictures, getting lost in a good book, and traveling anywhere when I have the opportunity. 

Babies and small children bring me great joy. City lights at night make me happy. Variety is key when it comes to my music selection. Pink and purple are by far my favorite colors. 

I am a list-maker and a big planner, but continually reminded that God is in control of this amazing, sometimes difficult, beautiful journey. 
"He restores my soul." --Psalm 23:3

Just like the little girl that would tell her life story to strangers in the airport, this blog is my way of sharing my experiences and hearing from each of you.  Thanks for following along!


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