Monday, August 19, 2013

Friendship is a lifelong process

Realization: A large majority of my weekend was spent with friends that I have known for a year-and-a-half or less.  Mostly less.


I wish I could go back and tell my 18-year-old self that I had no idea what friendships God had in store for me in the years ahead.  

In high school, I couldn't imagine meeting better friends than the ones I already knew. 

In college, I thought I had formed all of the close friendships I would ever make.

Only now have I come to realize that new, lasting friendships can be formed no matter how old we are. 

Moral of the story- I'm incredibly blessed with friends that I've known for years and years, and with some that I have just met. 

I somehow don't have any photos from Friday night, but I enjoyed a girls night at a winery and then ate Tex-Mex with three lovely ladies from the church I've attended for the past year, where my roomie works.  I hadn't really spent time with two of them before, so it was nice to meet new friends (see?!), and enjoy time with Alyssa, who I've only known since January.  The more we get to know each other, the more we find in common.  I'm glad we've discovered a shared love of blogging and reading others' blogs : )   

After a full Saturday of shopping for apartment items with mom, we went out to celebrate sweet Heather's birthday!  My friendship with Heather was completely unexpected, but she has already enriched my life in so many ways, and I can truly say that she's now one of my closest friends.  

Failed attempt at a group photo...  
a bonus of being Heather's friend= Elyse & Melody!

Sunday brought church and chores like laundry, grocery shopping, packing... and then, the best part- our first community group get-together!  We went bowling, which I'm always happy to do.  
We'll start meeting weekly for fellowship, encouragement, and studying God's word together.  I am so excited to "do life" with these ladies! 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sarah Says "I Do"

I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in my friend Sarah's wedding this summer.  I've attended dozens of weddings, but this was my first time to stand up in one next to a dear friend, by her side as she made the most important commitment of her life.

Sarah and I met through our college music sorority, which brought countless fun memories.  We also had an astronomy class together our freshman year, complete with many delirious late-night study sessions, including one where we gave her the nickname "Nair Lover" that I still call her today.  No one seems to find it nearly as hilarious as we do when we explain the story, so I'll stop there!

We've only grown closer since college, thanks to our Bible study/women's group and being intentional about spending time together.  I cherish this friendship!    

The festivities leading up to the wedding were a total blast!

We THOUGHT we were going over to Sarah's house to put together wedding centerpieces, but really it was her excuse to give us these adorable bridesmaid gifts! I've been using mine on all of my overnight/weekend trips!

Bridal Shower
Who isn't excited to get a Crock Pot?!

Bachelorette Party Night #1-- painting!

I promise I have pants on...

Bachelorette Party Night #2-- Dinner and limo to Uptown Dallas!

Getting a limo was a genius idea-- full credit to maid of honor Hannah on that one!  No one had to worry about driving or parking in crowded Uptown, and we could all ride together.  Not to mention that we had Curtis, the best limo driver ever!

This would be at about 3:00 a.m. after our night out on the town when the smoke alarm kept beeping... trooper that she is, Sarah climbed up on that ladder and fixed it! James is sure lucky to have a wife that knows how to get things taken care of! : )

And, of course, the main event... the wedding!  It was so special to be with Sarah the entire day-- getting ready with her, helping her put on her veil, jumping up and down with excitement and asking her things like, "you're getting married in an do you feel right now?!"

Hair and make-up done

I was obsessed with the back of her dress

The rings!

Our pledge class doing our special sign...

The entire thing flew by... isn't it crazy how an event that requires months of preparations is over in just a few short hours?  But it was beautiful and fun and perfect for this couple!  

This needs to be framed and put in their home, immediately!

Congratulations, Sarah and James! May the Lord bless your marriage and bring you joy together. 

Wedding photos by Keith Evans Photography-- check out the rest here.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lake Getaway

I witnessed this beautiful sunset on a little lake getaway last weekend.  Out there, away from the city and any stress, I allowed myself to relax and be reminded that God is in control.  What more of a reminder did I need than such a magnificent sunset?  It's amazing the peace that you feel when you truly, fully trust your life to Him!

A few college girlfriends and I were staying at our friend Kim's parents' lakehouse in Corsicana, Texas.  Kim is having a baby in September, so it was the perfect "last hoorah" before she welcomes a little boy into the world!  The six of us that were there don't see each other often, so it was great to catch up on all the exciting directions our lives have gone since we graduated three years ago.


We spent the weekend enjoying the lake views and venturing into the water, relaxing in the hot tub, sipping mimosas and playing Cards Against Humanity (a hilarious, yet totally inappropriate, "adult" version of Apples to Apples).  Oh, and eating.  Lots of eating.  Funny how that happens when you're just relaxing all day!

It had just rained the night we arrived, bringing a cool front of lower 70s temperatures and a nice breeze off the water.  I just stood on the patio for a few minutes that Saturday morning, breathing in the cool air and enjoying the serenity I felt out there. 

What an incredible view to wake up to. 

Thanks for such a fun, restful weekend, Kim!  I think we've started an annual tradition...