Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day Mug Swap

I'm a big fan of cute coffee mugs and have recently started collecting them during my travels.  And I also love meeting new friends and sending thoughtful presents, so I knew I had to participate in The Valentine Swap, hosted by Sew Caroline and Alissa @ Rags to Stitches
We were randomly paired with a partner to swap a cute mug, filled with something fun that they like.  My partner was Heidi at Antlers and Roses.  She lives out in California, and I enjoy reading her fashion posts and seeing the pictures on Instagram of her two precious children! 
Heidi sent me this mug that I LOVE.  Does it not just scream Valentine's Day, and really just a bright pick-me-up any old time?  I forsee a relaxing Saturday morning in the near future spent sipping the coffee Abi gave me in my new mug!
Check out all the other fun goodies Heidi included with the mug!
Don't worry, I've already put the heart-shaped ice cube trays to good use.  Combined with some pink food coloring, they were perfect in the mimosas that my roommate and I served at our Mary Kay party last weekend, and I have a feeling they may re-appear for our "single girls only" Valentine's Day party this evening!
Thanks for such a fun gift, Heidi!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


  1. So cute! I definitely saw those heart-shped ice cube trays when I was at Target shopping for my Swap partner. They're adorable! Glad you participated in the swap!

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  2. such a cute mug and those trays are fun!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. Adorable and so your style! Wish I had participated!