Monday, May 12, 2014

Taking Stock

This little blog is in need of a lot of updates of what I've been up to over the past few months, which have been full in the best possible ways.  Somehow, the more full life is of things to blog about, the more drained I feel, and the less I blog! 

For now, I'm taking stock.  This is borrowed from two of my daily must-reads, Living in Yellow and The Daybook. You're missing out if you've yet to check them out. 

Making: the giant pile of laundry on my bedroom floor slowly shrink. 
Cooking: whole wheat pasta with chicken and broccoli, trying to be healthy after a weekend of indulging in yummy foods. but with vodka sauce. yum!
Drinking: more water, less Coke. but my daily morning coffee is a different story. ; )
Reading: Romans- so good.  And The Marriage Plot, a great read given to me by a former intern who poured through books at a voracious rate and reminded me of my love for reading. 
Wanting: a quiet Saturday morning at home on the couch. 
Looking: forward to time with friends in the coming weeks. 
Playing: dress up for the Kentucky Derby. so much fun. 
Wasting: time on social media.  
Wishing: that teleportation was possible. 
Enjoying: the rain falling outside
Waiting: for it to be time to go on vacation. i've been craving the beach ever since i left it. 
Liking: sour patch kids. probably a little too much. 
Wondering: how in the world it's already the middle of May.   
Loving: living alone. i was so scared to do it, but i've come to relish the peace and contentment i've found in being by myself in this little space of mine. 
Hoping: that i won't pass out in the hot yoga classes i'm about to sign up for. 
Marveling: at what a gift my family is. 
Needing: to organize my desk at home so that it can actually be used as a desk again. 
Smelling: laundry detergent. 
Wearing: slacks, sleeveless top, jacket... what i wore to work, sans shoes and jewelry.
Following: a fresh to-do list. does anyone else find tremendous satisfaction in writing things down simply to cross them off?? 
Noticing: that i'm happier when the weather is warmer. 
Knowing: God in a deeper way daily. 
Thinking: about conspiracy theories. they fascinate me, for some reason. 
Bookmarking: nothing. i don't utilize bookmarks like i should!

Opening: too many windows on my laptop. 
Giggling: during Skype dates with Jon. 
Feeling: secure. 

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