Monday, July 7, 2014

Road Tripping and Wine Sipping: Fourth of July

^^Jon and I missed the memo about going all out in red, white, and blue attire...^^

I love America, and I love three days weekends.

I kicked off the weekend by surprising my parents to join them (and Uncle Craig and Jager too!) for fireworks in Coppell.  It's always fun to just unlock the front door and waltz in when they aren't expecting me- surprises are the best! Coppell put on an awesome fireworks show, complete with live music.

Jon and I set off on a little road trip bright and early on the 4th.  I always enjoy road tripping- good music, open road, lots to take in, and just time to think- and it was made even better by being with him for our very first road trip together! : )

We met up with fun friends from church- some we've known for a while and some we just met this weekend- in Fredericksburg/Hye, Texas, for a wine tour with Cellar Rat Wine Tours.  Our friend Lauren did a great job coordinating everything, and we loaded in a 12-passenger van and headed to three vineyards in the area- Pedernales Cellars, William Chris Vineyard, and Hye Meadow Winery. Having our own wine tour with Clint was the perfect experience, and we enjoyed all three places for different reasons!  We sampled all kinds of delicious wines- I wish I could remember my favorites! But take my word for it that all three places are worth visiting.

^^at Pedernales. As much as I love being near a big city, it's nice to be out where you don't hear cars driving by or airplanes overhead- just silence.^^

William Chris was closed for the holiday, but we got special access because of Clint.  We learned all kinds of things thanks to him-- the anatomy of a grapevine, how to determine which is your "dominant nostril," and what in the world "wine legs"  and a "wine thief" are.  Clearly we were very mature adults the entire day...

The tour ended at the Hye Market, where they let us sample all sorts of yummy bread with oils and seasonings, beer, moonshine, etc.  I brought back a souvenir for dad that I think will be right up his alley... ; )
Jon and I spent Saturday soaking up the beauty of the Texas Hill Country (why don't we have better scenery in Dallas??) and had a yummy lunch at The Oasis on Lake Travis with this incredible view before we made our way back to DFW for dinner with friends. 

Cheers to a fabulous weekend of road tripping and wine sipping, celebrating our great nation!

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