Monday, June 28, 2010

Horned Frog for Life

I’m finally going to post about graduation, and the fun events leading up to it! Never mind the fact that I graduated almost two months ago. I want to document it all here, and hopefully soon my posts will become a little more frequent.

Graduation week really started to hit home for me with our “Senior Toast.” TCU sure knows how to congratulate seniors the right way, because none of my friends at other schools were fortunate enough to have a full fajita dinner, free purple margaritas, and a chance to win tons of door prizes with their entire graduating class. Senior Toast was so fun, and my table definitely had the most enthusiasm. During the raffle prizes, they would call out ticket numbers and my table would get so excited until they called the next number that didn’t match any of ours. This happened over and over, and we still had so much anticipation each time. After the school-sponsored Senior Toast, my pledge class headed to Los Vaqueros to continue Happy Hour. Los Vaqueros is one of my favorite Fort Worth restaurants. They have amazing chips and salsa (which I could eat all day), good Tex-Mex, and amazing Frogaritas, which are, of course, purple. I have been with the girls in my pledge class since we were freshman, new to TCU and Tau Beta Sigma, and it was wonderful to have a fun night with them. I hope we can get together soon as alumni!

The day before graduation, my roomie Jenna and I picked up our purple caps and gowns. It was so surreal. We kept asking each other “is this really happening?!” I knew that it didn’t feel right to stay in college any longer, but somehow I wasn’t quite ready to leave yet. Our other roomie, Caroline, took pictures of us at all the campus landmarks so that we would get good shots before the crazy rush on graduation day. We took a ton of cute pictures that I LOVE, but I’ll just post a few. We also took my favorite pictures of the three of us at a party that night, which was a fun way for me to hang out with my friends before I graduated and they went home for the summer.

Saturday, May 8, was the big day. I put on my little black graduation dress and headed to lunch at Bistro Louise with my parents, sister, her boyfriend Dillon, and Craig and Terry, who are like uncles to me. We had a lovely lunch, headed up to campus to take a few pictures, and then it was time for the ceremony to begin. It lasted for 2.5 hours, but it went by relatively fast. I was just trying to take it all in. I cheered for my friends, and soon it was my turn to walk across the stage, displayed for everyone on the Jumbotron. I focused on not falling down or losing my hat (which did NOT want to stay on my head). After the ceremony, I was able to take more pictures and greet my best friend of 10 years, Briana, her mom, and my aunt, uncle, cousin, Grandpa, and boyfriend. I felt so blessed to have them all there that day. Then I went to a delicious dinner with Briana and her mom—they were so nice to take me! What a perfect day.

That day, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising/Public Relations from Texas Christian University. I couldn’t have done it alone though—I had the financial and moral support of my family, guidance from my professors, and the companionship of so many wonderful friends. Four years in college flew by, and I can honestly say they were the best years of my life so far. I know I have many exciting times ahead of me, but I loved the experiences I had at TCU. I can’t imagine having attended any other school. I am excited to see what lies ahead, but I am a Horned Frog for life and will never forget my time spent in college.

Freshman Orientation, 2006

Graduation, 2010

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