Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Rest of My LAST Semester

Obviously, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged. This semester was amazing, but after spring break things really accelerated and I barely blinked before it was all over. Here are the highlights of the rest of my semester leading up to graduation:

Blend-Off Prize

After winning 2nd place at TCU Alpha Delta Pi’s “mocktail” Blend-Off competition, the committee from my team with Tau Beta Sigma had the privilege of enjoying our fabulous prize—appetizers at Del Frisco’s Dallas and dinner and dessert at Del Frisco’s in Fort Worth. The other seven lucky ladies and I felt like princesses! We were picked up in a limo and driven to Dallas, where the staff served us delicious appetizers and a special drink called a “Prickly Pear Horned Frog” in the wine cellar. They were so friendly and accommodating, and the drink was delicious. The two Del Frisco’s locations were competing to see who could serve us a better “mocktail,” and we were totally impressed with our first drink. We then headed to Fort Worth and had amazing dinners and desserts, as well as a Passion Fruit Soda. I loved both drinks and had difficulty choosing when it was time to vote and, sure enough, the drink competition ended in a tie!

3rd Degree

The 2010 Pirates class transitioned from Taus to Betas at the end of March! They chose me as “Beta of the Year,” and I was so surprised and happy. I loved getting to know each of them and watch them grow as a class and individuals through the challenges they faced. They gave me a cute plate signed by each of them, and it is now proudly displayed on my shelf at home. I absolutely loved my Pink! Family line this year. My Little Ashley, Granddaughter Kayla Dunlap, Grandlittle Audrey Jensen, and great-grandlittle Callie Williams mean the world to me. I am soo proud of them and can’t wait to meet the newest member(s) of our family next year!


I loved spending time with my family for a long Easter weekend, especially now that Grandpa has moved from Tennessee to Texas!

TBS/KKY Convention
Every year, my music service sorority, Tau Beta Sigma, and our co-fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, has a joint convention for a weekend where we attend sessions about music, service, and the workings of our organization, have a dinner and awards banquet, and enjoy fun with our own chapters and other schools. The various KKY & TBS chapters are divided into districts, and we are in the Southwest one. This was my last one to attend, and it was at Baylor University in Waco. To sum it up well, here is an article I wrote about convention for the Spring 2010 edition of "Sigma Story," the TBS alumni newsletter that I created:
"The ladies of Beta Delta spent the weekend of April 9-11 at Baylor University in Waco for Southwest District Convention, bringing Tau Turtle with them and
leaving with an award, fun memories, and new knowledge about their organization.
Tau Turtle, a large wooden turtle that represents the mascot of Tau Beta Sigma, was given to Beta Delta at last year’s convention at LSU for showing the most spirit of the chapters present. After keeping Tau for a year, the chapter added a purple cart to Tau to make him easier to transport and carefully watched the other
chapters to see who would be taking Tau home next. They selected the Theta Theta chapter.
To fit with the convention’s theme of “Leave Your Mark,” Beta Delta’s scrapbook included baby pictures of all members along with updated photos. The chapter was given the award of “Best Scrapbook” at the banquet. Thanks to the work of the Ways & Means committee, they earned nearly $600 from the sale of their famous multi-colored “Skittles Shirts,” TBS/KKY face tattoos, and crafts.
Sisterhood was strengthened as well through workshops and sessions about music and membership, and Beta Delta started a game of “Ride That Pony” on Saturday after lunch that soon included dozens of other TBS/KKY members. It was a fun weekend for all that went, and next year the chapter will head to the University of Oklahoma for 2011 District Convention!"

A large portion of my semester was spent working on my huge project for my Strategic Communications Campaigns class. Basically, we were divided up into groups and all given the same assignment-- come up with a full advertising campaign for Mega 107.5, the CBS-owned Spanish radio station in DFW. We were not given many stipulations- just a budget and told to increase awareness and listernship of the station. It was a duanting task, but my team worked hard, learned a lot, and had so much fun together throughout the process. We called ourselves "Sentidos," and I couldn't have asked for a better team. We were lucky enough to present our campaign to the CBS Radio executives on the 10th floor of their building in Dallas. We were so nervous, but it went really well and we finished in 2nd place and so proud of what we had created. I miss spending my time with this talented group!

Me- Account Planner
Mary Dries- Account Executive
Danielle Balzer- Account Executive/Creative
Tim Halperin- Media Planner
Kelsey McDaniel- Creative

Band Formal
My senior year TCU Band Formal was a little different because it was held on campus instead of at a hotel in downtown Fort Worth, but it ended up being really nice. The ballroom was pretty and definitely convenient, and as usual we had a fabulous slide show, dancing, and good food. It was weird going up and being recognized as a senior and receiving my present... wasn't i JUST starting out in TCU Band? I wore a pretty pink dress and brought Alex, who has been my amazing band formal date for 6 band formals now (including high school). Overall, it was a perfect evening.

Beta Retreat
My very last event for TBS was Senior Beta Retreat. What an incredible night. I can't give away much of what goes on at this event since it's mostly a secret, but I willed many of my TBS possessions, such as t-shirts, down to the younger girls. It's like one "last hoorah" for us seniors, and it was a very emotional evening. Joining, and staying in, Tau Beta Sigma was one of the best decisions I made in college. I made incredible friendships and memories in this organization that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Coming up next- graduation!

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