Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Goodnight

A poem I wrote for my Creative Writing class my last semester. Loosely based on my real life ; ) One of my first attempts at poetry, so it needs work and it's definitely cheesy, but enjoy!

First Goodnight

The soft murmur of re-runs echoes a story of young love
as we nestle together on a seat made for two.
Hands intertwined, the long, flexible fingers
of a musician laced through mine.

I trace the curve of your yellow bracelet,
not wanting words to break the silent anticipation.
Breathless we sit, even swallowing is too loud,
the beats of two nervous hearts fill the room.

And then you speak, our heads draw together,
lips connecting for the first time.
Unknown at first, gently they touch, leaving a print like a memory.
Tingling with a new discovery, yet familiar, not wanting to part.

Then we must say goodnight, but only for now,
out into the evening air, clinging to the last wisps of summer.
So many questions we could ask,
but the hum of possibility fills in the gaps.

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