Sunday, October 17, 2010

LA Weekend- Trip #2

Last weekend I was able to visit Alex for a longer trip. My boss was wonderful and gave me Friday off, so I flew to LA on Thursday night. I arrived pretty late in the evening, so we made s'mores and watched our favorite movie, I Love You Man. I was so happy to see him after 6 weeks apart. The time went by quickly, fortunately, but it wasn't until I physically saw him that I realized how much I missed him.

Friday morning we slept in, went grocery shopping, and I napped on the futon in the sun while he went to rehearsal. Then it was time for... JACK JOHNSON! My early birthday present from Alex was to see Jack Johnson live at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a really cool venue, and Jack sounded amazing live. He played absolutely everything that I wanted to hear, including "Better Together," my favorite song. I think it's a perfect song for me and Alex, especially given our current living situation. It was a great night and I'm so glad we were able to go!

Saturday was another gorgeous day so we headed to Will Rogers State Beach, which wasn't crowded at all. We spent most of the afternoon at the beach, laying in the sun and relaxing. The weather was perfect. The water was, as expected, very cold, but I still dipped my toes in. We worked on our tans too-- but poor Alex got a little sunburned! After the beach, Alex headed up to USC for a meeting and I showered and relaxed. When he got home, we attempted to make coconut mojitos. They were very good, but came out more like coconut mojito milkshakes/a dessert item. Alex cooked me a delicious stir fry and coconut rice dinner.. mmm. Amazing.

Sunday morning I went to church with Alex. I loved getting to see where he goes to church, and I really liked it there. It was another beautiful day, and I wish I was still there! After church, we spent the rest of my time there relaxing and just enjoying each other's company. I wasn't ready to leave, but I bought Alex his birthday/Christmas present before I left-- a ticket to come home in November! So we were able to part with the knowledge that we will be together again in a month. It's always hard to leave, but I am thankful for Skype and phone calls and texting that enable us to stay connected even when we are many miles apart.

Can't wait for November!

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