Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2006-2010

I love Halloween. I think it's because I love dressing up and seeng what creative costumes other people have come up with, and I love passing out candy to cute little kids. This year we had so many trick-or-treaters that I ran out of candy (for the 2nd time) by 8:00! I dressed up as Minnie Mouse to pass out the candy, and heard so many cute things in response, including "Thank you, Minnie," "I like your costume!" and "Look, Minnie lives here!" I think that no matter how old or "grown-up" you are, you can still be young at heart and have fun with things. My friend Liz said I'll probably the kind of mom that dresses up to pass out candy and also get super into it with my kids, and I think she's exactly right.
My entire Halloween night was made this year by a sweet little baby. He was maybe 10 months old, and my house was the very first one he had ever been trick-or-treating to! His mother asked if she could take a picture of us, and as a baby fanatic, I said of course! I held him, she took the picture, and I talked to him and bounced him for a second. I was surprised at how content he seemed, but I've discovered that babies are a lot like animals-- they can sense fear, and if you're comfortable and calm, they often are too. Then, I tried to hand the sweet baby back to his dad, but he fussed. We thought maybe his hand was caught on my costume, but we realized that he was clutching on to it! I tried to tell him that the fun of Halloween is to go to lots of houses, but of course he was too little to understand. His relatives were laughing and totally surprised because he had never done that before. Finally I had to just pry him off and into his dad's arms as he cried and reached for me. His Mom said "Good thing I got a picture-- I can write about it!" It was the craziest thing, but I loved it and thought he was adorable! A perfect example of my love for babies. : )

Here's a look into my past five Halloweens:

2006: Minnie Mouse, Freshman Year at TCU
I went to my very first drumline Halloween party. I didn't know what to expect, but it was your typical crazy college party. I just took it all in and decided that Halloween could be almost as fun in college as it was when you used to trick-or-treat!

2007: Angel, Sophomore Year at TCU
This time I brought Alex to the party, and went with my roommate, suitemates, and dorm friend. We had a lot of fun, and I loved the age and phase in college we were at. Sometimes I miss dorm life.

2008: 80's Rockstar Groupie, Junior Year at TCU
Pretty self-explanatory... Alex was an awesome 80's rockstar, and I was his groupie. I had never dressed like that before, and we had a blast.

2009: 50's Couple, Senior Year at TCU
Alex and I decided to do something simple, cute, and classic and dress up like a high school couple from the 1950's. Don't we look like we just walked off the set of Grease? : )

2010: Pink Lady, Post-Grad
I didn't expect to come to the Halloween party this year since I am an "old alum" now, but my wonderful Little Ashley invited me and I couldnt resist! We decided to dress up as Pink Ladies from Grease since we had most of the right materials and are also members of the Pink family in Tau Beta Sigma. Ashley made our super cute jackets, and I had a lot of fun spending the night with her in Fort Worth and getting to see my friends that are still at TCU. Also, I have the cutest Pink family!!

Who knows what next year will bring? I really want Alex and I to dress up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse someday : )

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