Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer's Ending, Even Though the Hot Weather Isn't...

Once again, it's been awhile. Tomorrow many of my friends, my sister, and my boyfriend are all heading back to school...can't believe how fast this summer went by! It was amazing. Alex left last Tuesday and I miss him already, but we had a great summer together. After a year of long distance, seeing each other every day this summer was so refreshing, and our memories are what will last me while we do long distance again this year. I love him and am so blessed to call him mine for seven years now!

We didnt quite complete everything on our bucket list, but we did quite a few things and also know what fun things we still need to do during future summers!

Since my last summer update, I've done a ton of fun things:

Le Freak @ The Glass Cactus at the Gaylord Hotel with Briana & Mark and Marissa & Nate (Didn't realize just how many 70's songs I know!)

Went to Liz & Chuck's wedding, which was so fun

Went to Myra & Mark's wedding, also a blast

Visited my Tau Beta Sigma little sister, Ashley, in Kansas (which was awesome because we had such a great time together, and now I can add Kansas to the list of states I've been to!)

And a whole variety of other things, including the circus with Morgan, get-togethers and poker nights with high school friends and college friends, celebrating Kim's engagement with a bunch of friends, Restaurant Week at Abacus and Charlie Palmer with Marissa, and visiting my TBS family in Fort Worth.

What an amazing summer--thankful for the Lord's continued blessings and for such wonderful people to spend my life with!

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