Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's Your Motivation?

My team at work took this quiz recently about what motivates us. It was very eye-opening, especially because I was the only person on my team to be a certain type, and the rest were all another type!

Take the quiz yourself....what motivates you? I'll post the key on my next post.


Each of the following groups of statements has three choices. Choose the one in each set that most closely fits your own motivations. Remember, there are no wrong answers. Circle the letter of your choice.

1. A. When doing a job, I seek feedback.
B. I prefer to work alone and am eager to be my own boss.
C. I seem to be uncomfortable when forced to work alone.

2. A. I go out of my way to make friends with new people.
B. I enjoy a good argument.
C. After starting a task, I am not comfortable until it is completed.

3. A. Status symbols are important to me.
B. I am always getting involved in group projects.
C. I work better when there is a deadline.

4. A. I work best when there is some challenge involved.
B. I would rather give orders than take them.
C. I am sensitive to others, especially when they are mad.

5. A. I am eager to be my own boss.
B. I accept responsibility eagerly.
C. I try to get personally involved with my superiors.

6. A. I am uncomfortable when forced to work alone.
B. I prefer being my own boss, even when others feel a joint effort is required.
C. When given responsibility, I set measureable standards of high performance.

7. A. I am very concerned with my reputation or position.
B. I have a desire to out-perform others.
C. I am concerned with being liked and accepted.

8. A. I enjoy and seek warm, friendly relationships.
B. I attempt to complete involvement in a project.
C. I want my ideas to predominate.

9. A. I desire unique accomplishments.
B. It concerns me when I am being separated from others.
C. I have a need and desire to influence others.

10. A. I think about consoling and helping others.
B. I am verbally fluent.
C. I am restless and innovative.

11. A. I set goals and try to think about how to attain them.
B. I think about ways to change people.
C. I think a lot about my feelings and the feelings of others.

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