Monday, April 8, 2013

Sisters We Will Always Be

My dear friend, Ashley, came to Dallas this weekend.  She was my "little sister" in our college sorority, Tau Beta Sigma, and now lives in Kansas for grad school, so it's always a treat to see her since we are only reunited a few times each year.

In addition to scary movies with my roomie, sushi and Sour Patch Kids (all of which are traditions for Ashley and I), we headed over to TCU, our alma mater, for our sorority's 3rd Degree ritual.  This is when the pledge class becomes official members of the sorority, so it's a really special day.

Being there took me back in time, and I was able to meet the newest members of my family line-- I now have a great-great-great grandlittle.  Which basically means that I'm old. 

the evidence of my age
Also, we are part of the "Pink" family, which couldn't be more perfect as it's my favorite color! 

Tau Beta Sigma was such a huge part of my college experience, so I love seeing the legacy I've left behind and reuniting with these sweet young women.

We also went to the Bernini exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum since Ashley is an art history student and loves Bernini's work. I don't much about art, but his sculptures are incredibly intricate, and I recommend the exhibit to even the non-art historians out there!

All in all, a very fun weekend.  Thanks for visiting, Ashley!

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