Sunday, February 21, 2010


This was a free verse poem for Creative Writing, but we had a few stipulations. First, we had to use a color as the title, and then write a poem that's the opposite of what people normally associate with that color. Most people think of Blue as sad, so I made mine more of an upbeat, exciting poem. I had to use some form of water in it (drizzle, drip, ice, etc.) as well as evoke the name of a place. My professor wants me to expand on some things, so this will possibly change, but here's my poem for now:


By Julie Carter

Gaze out over the sharp white wing
pointing like an arrow to the city
I have always dreamed about,
its glittering rectangles stretching toward the sky.

Rivulets cling to the double-plated glass,
latching on for moments
before being sucked away
by the pull of the engine, reaching

like the excitement that leaps from my stomach, ready
to get there in the hub of progress,
people seeping from the subways
and hurrying like ants along the concrete grid.

Glide through the majestic expanse, the destination hidden
beneath a carpet of clouds until
we slice through them in a slanted descent
as the toy-sized forms become giants.

© 2010 Julie Carter