Sunday, February 7, 2010

College, the best 4 years

I have had yet another fun weekend, and it's not even over yet. This is the first time since Thursday that I have even thought about homework, and suddenly I just created a mile-long to-do list. I'll have to do quite a bit of work tonight and tomorrow if I want to be prepared for Tuesday, but I'm not very stressed out about it. This is quite out of character for me, as I've always been a good student and usually do things ahead of time. I don't plan to fall behind in my classes this semester... in fact, my goal is to do as well as possible, as always. Straight A's again would be nice. But, I have realized that this is my LAST semester in college, and I want to enjoy it! Instead of passing up opportunities by saying "well, i really should work on that paper that's due on friday...", I'm playing when I can and buckling down when I have to. I've learned quite well by now how to prioritize and juggle classes, a lot of activities, work, and a social life. I think I've got it down.

Looking back at my freshman year, I remember how my friends and I in my dorm always hung out. We would spend 7 hours in the same dorm room, staying up until all hours eating junk food, watching movies, talking, and laughing about everything. We were way less busy and all lived down the hallway from each other. We would do our homework together, have sleepovers, everything. Sure we had things to worry about, but looking back, that's what I think I will remember the most about college. At the time, I didn't even appreciate how much those days would already mean to me now, as I am a senior and ten times busier than I was back then. All my friends are busier too, and a lot of us live in different houses and apartments... a lot farther away than a few dorm room doors. Everyone keeps telling me that college is supposed to be the 4 best years of your life, and while there are many more things in life that I'm looking forward to, I totally believe it's true. So many freshmen I know are so ready to graduate, but now that I am three months away from graduation, I see how fast it flies by. When else in life are you able to be so independent, living with your best friends away from home, having fun, and learning, while often still having your parents pay for almost everything? After that, we are turned loose in the "real world."

I think I am ready for what comes next, but I plan to make the most of these next few months. I went to a late movie with some friends on a Sunday night, hung out at my Little's house even though I had things to do, and read a free-time book during the schoolweek, which I normally never have time to do. I went to a party last night where I got to catch up with a ton of friends and laugh at the antics of other people while I was completely sober.... and today, I still remember everything they did even though they probably don't! All in all, I am having a blast this last semester. I won't be able to stop myself from making endless to-do lists in my planner and stressing out a little, but you better believe that I will play with friends as much as possible between now and graduation!

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