Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011

My post is called "Spring Break 2011," but this was actually the first time since the age of 5 that I have not had a spring break. Even though I sure felt like I could have used one, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It helps that I have an awesome boss who let me take two half days to relax and spend time with Alex! So really, what made it feel like spring break was that he was home, as well as my little sister!!

Here are the highlights of my break--something good happened every day!

Friday-- Alex came home! We watched Due Date with his family. It was pretty funny, but a lot like The Hangover, just not as good!

Saturday--Double date! After we went shopping (and I found many things that I've been looking for), Alex and I met up with Allison and Lance at Firefly, an Asian fusion restaurant in Addison. Lance became one of my closest friends while I was at TCU, and once he started dating Allison almost a year ago, she and I really hit it off and have become great friends. She and I are so much alike and I feel like I can talk to her about anything. We had a really fun double date-- yummy dinner, entertaining atmosphere, and laughing at people in the bar area seriously playing a life-sized Jenga. Hopefully more double dates this summer!

Sunday-- Church with Alex's family. I am blanking on what else we did on this day, but I think this was the night we watched (500) Days of Summer...such a great movie, and really cool now that we have sat on that bench in the park!

Monday-- After I had work and a TAG Board meeting, I met up with Alex and Doug, Alex's former roommate, and Doug's girlfriend Renee. Renee was house/dogsitting for a family, so they cooked an amazing dinner and I showed up just in time to eat it! : ) It was really nice to see them...they are another couple that I just love.

Tuesday-- TAG "Off to the Races"! This was the kick-off celebration and invitation-signing party for the Think Ahead Group's Derby Dallas: Bet on Your Brain party on the day of the Kentucky Derby. It is going to be so fun-- at a gorgeous home in Preston Hollow, yummy food, mint juleps, fancy hats & Southern attire, music, lawn games-- a total blast! The kick-off party was so fun, and we got the invitations ready to be mailed. We also took this really fun group photo.

Wednesday--I took a half day, and Alex and I went to Dallas Heritage Village/Old City Park. I used to go on field trips there all the time, so it really took me back to my childhood. It's really pretty just to walk through, and they have all these homes and buildings set up just as they were in Dallas at the beginning of the 1900's. Check it out if you haven't been there! We finished the day with ice cream, a yummy dinner cooked by Alex's mom, and watching TV.

Thursday-- St. Patrick's Day and my parents' 27th wedding anniversary! I surprised my parents with a card and flowers that morning, and got to take another half day at work. That evening, we celebrated my parents' anniversary and St. Patrick's Day! I introduced my friends to Telephone Pictionary, which was a blast. It was a smaller group so it was easier to all talk and play a game.

Friday--Had dinner with my former roomie, Caroline, and was her "assistant" at a rehearsal dinner for my co-worker, where she played the video she made for them. Caroline is your girl if you ever need a video for weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc.!

Saturday-- Alex's last night in Texas. We rented Paranormal Activity 2, which was pretty scary but not as good as the first one, and I introduced him to the amazingness of Sour Patch Kids. We had a relaxing and wonderful last evening together.

Sunday-- Church again, and then I celebrated my Grandpa's 90th birthday. He asked for a bottle of Maker's Mark for his birthday... if I live to be that old, I hope to be just as spirited. I then spent a little longer with Alex before he had to leave for the airport. It will be seven weeks before I see him again... I hope it goes by quickly. It never gets any easier!

All in all, a really nice week. Now I am staying busy and counting down the days to summer! Hope everyone else had a highlight-filled spring break!

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