Friday, May 17, 2013

Thank goodness it's time for VACATION!

As I picked up my coffee order this morning, my favorite barista (or whatever the male version of that is!) said "Happy Friday and have a great weekend!" And I was more than ready to tell him, "Thanks- and I'm actually leaving for vacation this weekend!"

So, Friday, today you get a  double high five!

1. I've reached a new level with my Starbucks.  I no longer have to say a word when I walk in; they see me and automatically start making my drink, complete with name.  Some might say this is a sign of a problem; I'm just choosing to be impressed with their customer service!  
2. Wine + sweet girlfriends. Quality Saturday night.
3. Historic home tour for a lovely Mother's Day.
4. Went over to bride-to-be Sarah's house on Monday night thinking we'd be helping her put together wedding centerpieces, but really it was her secret ploy to give us these adorable bridesmaid gifts.  Perfect for her approachig wedding weekend!
5. To this valet attendant, apparently "Carter" (my last name) sounds like "Harder."  I'm getting a new last name, folks.  
Are you giving Friday a double high five today, too?

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