Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Travel Tuesdays: Beach Countdown

I've always loved the beach.

Maybe it's because my family almost always bypassed the mountains and snow for the sand and ocean when I was growing up, so it reminds me of childhood.

Or maybe it's because, in my opinion, nothing beats laying on pristine sand, a good book in hand, a fruity drink nearby, warm sunshine on your skin, the sound of ocean waves lulling you into relaxation.

I'm ready to put on my swimsuit and grab a pina colada just talking about it.

Good thing my roommate and I are leaving for our Florida beach vacation in just FOUR days!

With the sun and sand on my mind, I'm linking up with Helene for Travel Tuesday sharing a few of my favorite beach vacation memories.  Meanwhile, I'll be packing my suitcase.  

One of many family vacations-- good thing we all share a love for the beach!

Learning how to drive a jet ski! Licensed and everything!

Soooo sunburned.  We probably shouldn't have layed on the beach ALL day, EVERY day...

Dad, sister, and I were the only people crazy enough to brave strong winds and rip tide in Hilton Head. 

Maui sunset.  One of my favorite pictures ever.

Parasailing... loved it.  Must do again. 
Gorgeous Florida sunset
View from our hotel room.... also known as paradise. 
Helene in Between


  1. SOOO jealous you are leaving for the beach soon!! that will be such a blast! i love florida!

  2. My great aunt and uncle live in Hilton Head and it's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! My mom and I went to visit (for the first time) almost 4 years ago and I'm dying to go back! So jealous of your (very much deserved) vacay! Have a drink and think of me! ;)

  3. cute pics! nothing better than the beach! love your blog..
    XO the well-traveled wife