Thursday, May 16, 2013

In My Beach Bag

In case you weren't already aware, I'm pretty thrilled about leaving for the beach this weekend!

Besides the sunscreen, what else am I tossing in my bag?

1) Obviously, swimwear.  I can't wait to debut my new neon Gianni Bini swimsuit.  Typically, I have to try on dozens of swimsuits to find one that fits right, but I was shocked that the first Gianni Bini one I tried on fit perfectly, along with most of the rest that I tried on!  So many great options- check them out!

2) Post-beach outfits for dinner, exploring, cocktails, etc.  I'm struggling to choose what to pack because I want to wear all of it!  These are a must:

Bright colored shorts. Nothing screams summer more.
Express - Women's Shorts

White jeans.  You can wear them with ANY color top, and they can be dressed up or down- sandals, wedges, heels.  Such a clean look.


A long pleated skirt.  I have one in green and feel so Bohemian in it!


4) Sunglasses.  I have several pairs and shouldn't get anymore, but how fun would these be for the beach?
5) Excellent reading material. One of my favorite parts about vacation is actually taking the time to read- a hobby that I pursue far too infrequently these days.  I'll be indulging in Cosmo (my guilty pleasure) and probably People, but hours on the beach would be perfect to finally finish the second Hunger Games book and maybe dive into something even deeper.  Any recommendations?

6) A great tote to carry it all.  Mine is made of towel-like material... who cares if it gets a little wet or sandy? I also love these:

Multi Stripe Beach Tote - Yellow

All you beach bums, what am I forgetting? 

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  1. Go one and take the third Hunger Games book - you'll wanna know what happens, the second leaves you with more of a cliff hanger. I just finished the Delirium series last week and I couldn't be more obsessed. It's another young adult-ish novel, but it's got such a good premise (love is considered a disease and when you're 18 you have a procedure to remove it). But if you want something more adult, try the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series. They're European so they can get a little graphic, but they're intense and well written and I loved them a lot!

    Also, you should check out because you can put in books you've read and it'll give you suggestions. And you can keep track of the books you've read.

    Have a blast!