Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hump Day Happiness

For over a year now, every single Wednesday I've been sharing something that I call "Hump Day Happiness."  I post a picture of something cute, sweet, or funny on my Facebook wall, write "hump day happiness," and include a little note, wise words, or quote to complete the picture.

Sometimes the pictures are my own (think hilarious throwback family photo or a picture of my giant dog), sometimes they are pictures that other people send to me, and sometimes they are pictures that I just find online.  The idea is to brighten everyone's Wednesday and give them a little piece of mid-week happiness!

When I first started posting, I had no idea how my Facebook friends would react- would they be annoyed or not care about my silly little pictures? While I'm sure there are those people who don't, I've had so many friends tell me that they look forward to my posts every Wednesday- even bringing them up in "normal" in-person conversations! And my favorite anecdote is a friend who noticed that I hadn't posted by the late evening one Wednesday and was worried something had happened to me!

So, here's today's picture:

Hump Day Happiness: High five for the week being halfway over!
Source: via

If you have a picture to nominate for Hump Day Happiness, please send it my way anytime!

And, if you want to see all of my Hump Day Happiness posts and promise you aren't a serial killer, we can even be Facebook friends- you can find me here.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. LOL! Girly, I love your sense of humor. :)

    Happy ALMOST Friday!!!!!!

  2. Loved the picture!