Thursday, January 31, 2013

Almost "Legit"

So, on a whim, tonight I did something big!

Okay, not really that big, but... I bought a ".com" domain!  That's right, for the next year, the lovely URL is all mine!  I feel so legit.


The problem is figuring out how to connect it to good old Blogger. I found these instructions that made it look super easy, and it was easy until I got to the "settings instructions" page.  Mine looks different and started talking about locating the DNS setting and entering "CNAME" and "A-records."

Umm, that's where they lost me.  Do any of you pro bloggers out there know what this means, and can explain it in terms that my non-computer science mind will understand?!

I also read that sometimes it takes an hour to become active.  Combining that with how sleepy I am right now, I've decided to sleep on it (literally) and figure this out tomorrow.  But if you can help me, I'd love you forever!


  1. Hmm.. when I switched, I purchased the domain through the "Need a domain? Buy here." thing in the settings. :/ I'll see if I can find some instructions!

  2. So exciting! Congrats girl, what a fun step. Good luck figuring it out - I'm sure things will be clearer after some sleep. Your package is in the mail, by the way!