Monday, March 25, 2013

Ideal Weekend

I've said before that my ideal weekend is a perfect combination of fun, productivity, and relaxation- and this weekend was just that!

I spent plenty of time with my girls-

Night in with yummy dinner, wine, and a movie.

We chose Hotel Rwanda, feeling intellectual, and while we learned a lot, it is such a sad movie! Not our best idea.

However, margaritas in downtown Fort Worth with my sweet friend Megan... that was a good idea!

Also got together with bride-to-be Sarah and one of her other bridesmaids for alterations, which was both fun and productive.  Less than three months until she's a Mrs.!

I had plenty of downtime for relaxation, and went for a long Sunday afternoon walk in my neighborhood.  I've failed at my resolution to exercise, so this was a good start back into a healthy routine.  And, I went into major cleaning mode, and the apartment is looking better than it has in a while! Let's hope it stays that way for a little bit.

How was your weekend?!

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