Monday, October 1, 2012

A Little Spice

Most days are ordinary and insignificant when you look back on them. 

As much as I love variety, honestly, most of the time I prefer to have a routine and know what to expect out of a new day. 

The past few weeks have been filled with plenty of the ordinary--wake up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, watch TV, spend time with friends, go to bed. Repeat.

But, these things have definitely added a little spice to my life as of late:

1. I moved! Into my very first post-college, grown-up apartment!  Much more on this to come in later posts...

2. I met a very influential, inspiring individual.  I wish I could share who it was, but I have to leave this one as a mystery.  Let's just say it was an honor to meet them, and I won't soon forget it!

3. I witnessed a crime.  Sounds dramatic, but fortunately it was a small crime, and I am perfectly fine! I was driving by a row of parked cars, and about to pass one stopped in the middle of my lane, when I noticed that two guys had smashed in the window of a parked car and were in the process of putting a stolen stereo into their own car.  They looked right at me, and I realized I needed to get out of there and call the appropriate authorities!  All of this was in broad daylight...and I am kicking myself for not getting the license plate number! Next time look out, bad guys, I'll be ready.   
I suppose I can cross this off of my bucket list?

4. I was the lucky girl who found a man's wedding ring that he lost in the middle of a football game.  Read all about the "ring fling" here. 

What unusual things have added a little spice to your life lately?  

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  1. I don't know what I would do if I witnessed a crime in action! Probably freeze with my jaw dropped? That is interesting to think about...