Monday, February 11, 2013

Pretty Things

This was a lovely weekend filled with lots of pretty things, including plenty of pink! My favorite, of course.

My co-worker, Shelly, is expecting a baby girl next month, so her friends threw her a book shower at Rise, a Dallas favorite known for its souffles.  The weather outside may have been gloomy, but Shelly's creative friends made the table so cute, complete with quotes from children's books written on each of the placecards.

I was a major bookworm growing up and remember my parents reading to me night after night, so I loved picking out Courduroy, a favorite, for Shelly's baby girl, as well as a new book I'd never heard of.  I can't express enough how important I believe it is for parents to read to their children, starting with infancy.  A book shower will be a must for me someday!

Our work team

After the shower, I rushed home because my roommate and I were hosting a Mary Kay party! Pink-themed, of course. 

Our table

Who doesn't enjoy learning about skin care and playing in make-up?!  I usually stick to neutral eyeshaow and no lip color (just Chapstick, which I'm addicted to), but opted to try a "dramatic" look.  I ended up buying the eye shadow, so I may wear more color for special occasions now!

Friends pre-makeup... but still naturally gorgeous!

All done up and ready to go out!

In addition to playing in make-up, yesterday I got to watch my dear friend Morgan play dress up... and ultimately say "YES" to her wedding dress!  For years we have talked about our weddings someday, and I couldn't believe that I was really watching her pick out the dress that she will become a "Mrs." in!

Of course, a celebration was in order as she was leaving the boutique...

Was your weekend filled with pretty things, too? I sure hope so!


  1. That looks like such an exciting weekend. I have been obsessed with Mary Kay's mascara and oil-free eye make up remover!

    1. The mascara was awesome! I think my eyes freaked out on the make-up remover, or maybe I got the cleaner too close? Either way, my right eye turned red, but we still had fun!

  2. I love pink as well! What a fun weekend! I hope you have a wonderful week! xo

    1. Pink is clearly the best : ) Hope you're enjoying this weekend!