Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Gift Exchange 2013


One of the things I love most about the blogging world is meeting new people.  It is amazing how someone may live thousands of miles away from me and I've never met them in person, but through blogging, they become a friend to me, and someone I think about and pray for often.

I instantly felt a connection and found a new friend in Abi over at A Cup of Whimsy, who I was paired with for a lovely Valentine's Day link-up hosted by NicoleLaurenAlycia, and Ashlee.

It was too perfect that we were paired together.  Abi is a brand-new blogger, and I've only really been blogging regular for a couple of months, so we can relate.  I was instantly drawn to her friendliness as we chatted over email, her great sense of style and appreciation for pretty things and finding joys, and of course, her faith.  We shared our favorite things, and the lists were almost identical- pictures, making our apartments pretty, painting our nails, traveling, reading, blogging, and spending quality time with people.  If only we lived in the same state!

I told Abi that it was the first time I've ever mailed a package to Oregon, a state I've never visited and about which I have very limited knowledge.

Well, clever and thoughtful girl that she is, Abi put together a package of goodies that are relate back to Oregon in some way and kept a predominately purple theme throughout- she sure knows how to make me happy!  Did I mention that I love absolutely everything in the package? I told my mom that it's seriously me in a box!

For starters, everything was beautifully wrapped.  Purple and music paper?! I love.

The whole package!  Nail polish (PURPLE- can't wait to wear it; perfect for spring) purchased in Oregon, chocolate handcrafted in Portland (yum), coffee from a shop in downtown Corvallis, and a book from one of her favorite series with an author who used to live in Oregon.  Abi wrote me the sweetest note explaining the meaning of everything, which was such a personal touch that let me know just how much thought went into my Valentine's Day gift! 

Chocolate and sea salt? Yes please!

I will certainly treasure the notes she wrote me! I love the photos on them, and Abi wrote out Ephesians 3:14-21, which is such a beautiful reminder of God's truth and love. 

Abi, thank you so much for the thoughtful, beautiful gift! It is amazing how well you seem to know me already. : )  I hope you make it to Texas one of these days, because I would love to show you Dallas!

 You can check out my little package for Abi that she shared about here.

Happy almost Valetine's Day!


  1. Getting a little teary over here (what is with my emotions lately??). Thanks for your sweet words and your sweet gift. So grateful for this fast friendship :) I loved being swap partners!

  2. So cute! What a great swap partner! I can't wait to show off my mug that I got from my swap next week - it's WAY cute!


  3. Great gifts! And the chocolate sounds perfect!

  4. What an awesome package! Glad we all joined in on this valentines party!!! I also love what you sent Abi. Lovely nail polish colors ladies. =) spring is right around the corner!!!


    1. I totally had spring in mind when we swapped these nail colors! I need to go check out what you got! xoxo