Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Me, sister, and our family reindeer, Jager 
One thing I've come to realize in life is that it doesn't necessarily matter where you are, it matters who you are with.  I believe that you can learn to be happy in a lot of places, but the people in your life are who make all the difference. 

This has become even more evident to me this Christmas season.

I truly cannot imagine being alone for the holidays, and just thinking about those who are breaks my heart.  

As I've mentioned many times before, this is my first year living on my own in an apartment that I'm paying for, rather than my parents. I'm only 20 minutes away from home, but I have been amazed at how different it is to not be there every day during this holiday season.    

I sure am thankful to have a roommate to decorate the apartment and listen to Christmas music with, because it just wouldn't be fun to do that all by myself.  For me, a huge part of the joy and hope of the season is missing if you don't have your loved ones to share it with.     

I'll be heading over to my parents' house later this evening to begin the festivities- looking at Christmas lights, drinking hot chocolate, eating sweets, watching the Christmas classics, going to Christmas Eve church, playing board games, opening just a couple of Christmas Eve presents, then opening all the rest on Christmas morning before we get together with my extended family for food and family togetherness.  

It wouldn't be Christmas without all of those things, but most importantly, without my family.  

This is an interesting transition time in my life- I'm an adult, out of college and independent, but not yet married with children of my own.  I am enjoying this phase, but so look forward to having a husband and little ones of my own someday to expand my family and begin Christmas traditions of our own.

I'm so blessed to be able to say that I'll be home for Christmas.

Wishing each of you the best time with your loved ones, celebrating your own unique traditions, and finding peace, hope, and joy as we remember the birth of our Savior!  


  1. You and your sister are so gorgeous! And you look like Kate Middleton in that picture. Just thought you should know! Merry Christmas, Julie!


    1. Thank you, Frances! Obviously I would DIE to look like Kate! Merry Christmas! : )

  2. I'm still getting used to being an adult too. It's amazing how fast time has flown by since I graduated college over a year ago. I still live at home with my parents though. Being a single adult is fun, but I am also looking forward to having a husband and kids to start traditions with! I get on Pinterest sometimes, and there are SO many cute holiday traditions that people do with their families.

    Have a great Christmas!!

    1. Ooh I bet, I haven't even browsed that on Pinterest...someday, someday. And I feel you, I lived at home with my parents for two years after college. It can feel a little weird to be in limbo, but I'm sure glad I saved all that money!