Sunday, December 2, 2012

Church-Ready Chic

I grew up only wearing dresses on Sundays, but a lot of churches these days are more casual and welcome jeans.  I finally broke down and started wearing jeans on some Sundays, but you better believe that they are nice jeans, and I always try to dress them up.  

I was running late this morning and got back to my apartment from my parents' house just a few minutes before I needed to leave for church.  I threw myself together, hair and make-up included, in about 10 minutes, and was pretty pleased with the outcome! Even thought it's December, it's 80 degrees in Dallas today, so I wanted to be comfortable outside without looking summery!

Jacket: B. Wear at JCPenney // Shirt: The Limited // Jeans: Zara // Shoes: Tory Burch 
I just bought these black jeans from Zara last week. Great price, and I could sleep in them they are so comfortable! The sleeveless top is a fun print, and I think a black blazer like this instantly pulls any outfit together. I left it unbuttoned to keep from feeling too office-y.  I opted for a messy bun since I didn't have time to actually do my hair, and I am always a fan of dangly earrings with an updo.  These were a Christmas present last year, and I love the shape and emerald color.  And, of course,  I can't rave enough about my Tory Burch flats! Definitely pricier than plenty of black flats out there, but they are so comfy and hold up over time.  I am a shoe fanatic, and these are one of my favorite pairs. 

What do you usually wear to church? 


  1. so cute! and so glad the word verification is off!

  2. Very cute look! I am loving the blazer look these days. I just bought a black one and I wear it all the time. So I asked for a white one for Christmas! Haha. :)

    1. thank you! ooh, I definitely want to see the white one, that will look so sharp!

  3. Cute outfit! I love those earrings!

  4. Hi dear! Come say hello over at There are two fab giveaways coming up so follow along for a chance to enter. Hope you will. :)


  5. love the outfit- you look pretty!