Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

My roomie and I hosted our first dinner party in the new apartment on Friday night!

I came home from work and the apartment was spotless, the table was set beautifully, and the delicious smell of dinner welcomed me from the kitchen. I barely had to do a thing, so I told her I'll be in charge of dinner and setting up next time!

We had several girl friends over for a casual (but yummy!) dinner of salad, cornbread, and my roomie's amazing baked potato soup.  So delicious, and it will be even better once the cooler weather decides to stick around here in Dallas.

Jenna (roomie) also just finished a little craft project for our kitchen- wall art to go above our sink!

We have a red and chocolate brown theme in our kitchen and dining room, so this was the perfect piece to add some color and warmth!  She collected beer bottle caps for a long time, then painted them various shades of red.  (That's the part I helped out with!)  She then painted a canvas chocolate brown, glued the caps on, and ta-da! Instant wall art!

I continued "hosting" this weekend by cooking dinner at my parents' house last night as an early birthday celebration for my wonderful Mom! I made spicy baked tilapia, a super-easy and super-good recipe I picked up from one of my TCU classmates, and peanut caramel chocolate cookies for dessert. 

Wonderful to see my parents, as always, and so nice to celebrate my sweet mom's birthday! She's done, and continues to do, so much for me, so cooking her dinner is just a small way to show my appreciation.

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